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We are looking for dynamic individuals with a passion for leading edge technical computing and Model-Based Design technology to join our team. Successful applicants will be able to work in small, focused teams of highly motivated and passionate individuals.

The following positions are available at the moment.

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"When I started working in 2013, I developed a so-called professional “Bucket list” of clients I want to work with throughout my career.  At the end of my career, I would have counted myself lucky if I completed even half of the list.I began my employment with Opti-Num in January 2017 and within my first 5 months I ticked off every company on the list."  Read More...









"When I started working at Opti-Num in 2014, I had great hopes for doing more mathematical problem solving, and for working on projects that made a difference. Since then, the work I’ve done has exceeded my expectations in every way." Read More...










“Working at Opti-Num Solutions has been a multifaceted experience where one is engaging with clients while learning advanced programming skills from in-house training courses and applying these on a day to day basis.” - Mpho Mafune, Consultant









"Opti-Num have introduced me into a multi-faceted world where I am able to expand my knowledge while challenging myself to reach personal and professional goals." - Dean Kennedy, Consultant



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