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Empowering Southern Africa’s Knowledge Economy

As a high tech company filled with creative and intelligent people, we work together as a team to empower our customers and future generations of knowledge workers with the skills, software tools and expertise to tackle the present and future problems that Southern Africa will face.

Here are the ways in which we empower Southern Africa’s knowledge economy:

  • We partner with Southern African engineering, science and mathematics focussed companies to support and enhance their analytics, modelling, simulation and design processes in order to produce superior products through sales of MATLAB and Simulink based products, one-on-one application assistance where we pair with a customer employee to help them solve a problem, consulting services aimed at delivering a product, report or design change process to assist customers, and customised products aimed at addressing a specific local or international need in one or more of our customers’ industries.
  • We transfer skills and technology to engineers, scientists, analysts as well as undergraduate and graduate students, researchers and lecturers through public and on-site seminars, workshops and training courses in technical computing and Model-Based Design subjects.
  • We assist our customers to make the best use of MathWorks products by providing responsive technical support, training, consulting and development services to enhance their understanding and improve their business offerings.
  • We contribute our unique skills, know-how and experience to the greater technical community by building products that expand the scope of MathWorks tools to new industries, technologies and applications.

We know that analytics, modelling and simulation are at the heart of developing understanding, and improving processes. Of Innovation. We have the skills and expertise to help Southern Africa’s engineering and technical community to innovate and grow. We aim to take advantage of the economic opportunities offered by Southern Africa to grow a profitable company into a scalable, sustainable organisation which benefits the environment in which it operates and whose business units thrive because of the collaboration between the individual groups.

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