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Low-cost Hardware

Build and Deploy Algorithms to Low-Cost Hardware

With microprocessors becoming smaller and more powerful by the minute they are becoming more and more accessible to a larger audience. Once a niche market exclusive to electronic engineers and developers,  Arduinos, Rasperry Pis and Beagleboards can now be found in the workshops and garages of many students, hobbyists and makers. With applications ranging from creating servers to building robots and controlling everyday objects through the internet the possibilities using these microcontrollers are limited only by the imagination.

As the applications and algorithms needed to perform these tasks become more complex the need to model these algorithms quickly and efficiently grows accordingly. By connecting your hardware to MATLAB and Simulink you can take advantage of the full power of the MathWorks tools and quickly deploy your model to your hardware or run the controller in the loop with your model to test its performance. This becomes increasingly important in a world where the sooner you get to market the better.

Simulink provides built-in support for prototyping, testing, and running models on low-cost target hardware, including Arduino, LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT, Rapberry Pi, and BeagleBoard. You can design algorithms in Simulink for control systems, robotics, audio­ processing, and computer vision applications and see them perform with hardware. This hardware support is also available in MATLAB and Simulink Student Version.

Simulink built-in support for hardware includes:

  • Automated installation and configuration
  • Target hardware device libraries of Simulink blocks that connect to I/O ports, sensors, and actuators
  • Streamlined workflows for designing, building, and executing algorithms on supported target hardware
  • Direct communication between Simulink and the target hardware
  • Interactive parameter tuning and signal monitoring of your application as it runs
  • Model deployment for autonomous execution

Whether you are developing weapons grade control algorithms or are only getting started with electronics, MathWorks and low-cost hardware has the perfect solution for you.