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Data Analytics

Decision-making Through Robust, Scalable and Repeatable Analytics

From our twenty-first century vantage point, it is hard to imagine a time when data did not influence almost every major business decision in almost every industry. In South Africa, engineers, scientists and analysts have been using the MathWorks tools to perform data analysis tasks for over thirty years. In the past decade, however, the drive to perform more accurate data analysis, on more data than ever before, to gain even more useful insights than before, has driven the MathWorks tools into new areas. Today data analysis problems are addressed in many industries, including telecommunications, earth and ocean sciences research, medical imaging and biotechnology, manufacturing and logistics, and many more. The solutions discovered through data analysis research are used for real-time  decision-making

The term “data analytics” describes the end-to-end workflow involved in the operating of a data analysis application in an automated setting. Data analytics helps businesses make informed decisions by turning data into information. It can lead to improved performance, increased reliability and reduced cost.

The MATLAB environment is designed to address each step of the data analytics workflow, making it the platform of choice for data analytics globally. Once you have collected and cleaned your data, you can easily visualise the data, apply statistics and machine learning techniques to unlock insights, develop algorithms to process that data, and integrate those algorithms into your business processes.