User Story

  •  Opti-Num Develops Intelligent Rental Pricing Model for JHC. Read More.
  • Find out how Opti-Num Provided BI and analytics services to MTN Uganda.

Case Studies

  • Opti-Num created a pricing model for a retail company that increased spending by 28% across all personas. Read More.
  • A telecom company approached Opti-Num Solutions to help grow product adoption based on regional customer behaviour. Read More.

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We are passionate about data analytics. We use our experience to solve real world business challenges, provide practical insights and create tangible value for customers.

Our customers are able to make business-critical decisions, while continuously adapting to the changing business environment. The partnership we create with customers has led to long-lasting and ongoing relationships. We are proud of the work we have done with customers who have years of experience in specific fields and so their intuition often guides our scientific approach in building effective decision-making platforms.