For work that requires a short duration of assistance to get a problem defined, progressed or polished, Opti-Num Solutions offers a service called application assistance. Application assistance involves the support from an experienced MATLAB and Simulink programmer, who can assist you in developing certain features of your application according to best practise and software engineering principles.

Jump Start Your Learning

Application Assistance gives you the opportunity to jump start your learning by utilising the expertise of one of our technical people to assist you with one of your own projects. During Application Assistance, an expert will work with you to help you design, plan and implement your MATLAB programmes or Simulink block diagrams. Having the assistance of an experienced MATLAB and Simulink programmer can save you time while ensuring that best practices are followed from the start. Application Assistance can take many forms, but is usually characterised by the following:

  1. There is no set deliverable with Application Assistance. Often, deliverables in the form of function libraries and block diagrams are the result of Application Assistance, but this is not the goal of Application Assistance. This differentiates Application Assistance from other consulting engagements.
  2. The majority of the programming is done by you. The assistant may do some of the programming for illustrative purposes, but generally their role is to advise on how to code and review the code written by you.
  3. Application Assistance works best when it is one-on-one. However, it can sometimes be delivered to a group of up to three people, as long as this is agreed upon with the trainer prior to starting the training.
  4. Application Assistance is charged at an hourly rate.
  5. Application Assistance is not a replacement for formal training. Rather, formal training is a prerequisite for Application Assistance.