I started at Opti-Num in January of 2018, having just graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand and did not know what to expect in the transition from graduate to full time employment. Right from the off-set, I was introduced to a multi-faceted family of work. Opti-Num might be a small and niche company in the eyes of the corporate world, but here I was exposed to almost every industry in Southern Africa and was encouraged to challenge myself to reach professional and personal goals through my interactions at work.

I began as a junior consultant and was mentored by a highly experienced team, all with their own areas of expertise in data science and business intelligence. Within months, I had reached my first working year goals to improve my advanced analytical skills and to create and present a full data driven report to our clients. As I grew in my role, I was given the incredible opportunity to lead a project and become a senior consultant, this would not have been possible without the help of the amazing team I work with.

The support that I have received from Opti-Num is exceptional and something I have cherished. Everyone shares my values, their work as well as their life experience and enthusiasm has always inspired me when I needed it most. The management team have aided me in promoting my professional identity and confidence to work in any type of environment, whether it be in advanced analytics, finance, or industry 4.0.

To add to this incredible experience, I was recently supported in my endeavours to further my studies in a MSc in Biomechanics. It didn’t stop there. After I had expressed an interest in the field of Digital Marketing, I was also supported in pursuing this. With this expanded knowledge in marketing and analytics, I am now able to look at my current projects from multiple viewpoints and utilise it for greater success internally and with our clients. In true Opti-Num style, they have encouraged me to pursue my interests outside of work, allowing me to achieve a healthy work-life balance, something I am grateful for.

When I started here, I did not know what to expect, joining the team with my own vague goals of ‘do well’ and ‘work hard’. However, while I have been here, Opti-Num has opened my eyes to countless possibilities, and I look forward to my growth with this family.