An Approach to Advanced Business Analytics

At Opti-Num Solutions, we believe in walking the journey with our clients as we work together to bring vision to life through the application of data science in finding practical, creative and innovative solutions.

Opti-Num does not provide once-off, black-box solutions, but endeavours to embark on an ongoing journey where the Advanced Business Analytics team can provide the insights to move business decisions forward through our approach to business analytics.

Uncover. Investigate. Align. Realise. Analyse. Repeat. 


  The first step in our approach to business analytics is to uncover the critical business need.

In order to identify the critical business need, quality communication is essential as there is significant benefit in seeing the opportunity from different perspectives. Opti-Num helps businesses through this process by leveraging cross-domain experience to guide robust discussion. Our consultants who will perform the work spend time speaking directly to project stakeholders to ensure we have exactly the information needed to find the right solution.

Step two in the process is to investigate the data and align on what’s possible.

In the investigation phase, our team of data scientists begin digging into the data and researching various approaches, determining the best plan of action to provide a quality solution. We take the data and use advanced analytics tools to find insightful trends, patterns and anomalies hidden within the data. Insights are often not immediately evident, especially in the realm of big data. Machine learning techniques help transform the data and provide a clearer view into what the data can reveal. The combination of our technical skills, and our client’s domain knowledge have proven to be powerful in the past, so we continue to collaborate deeply during the investigation phase.


Step three is to align on the discoveries that have been made, and on the best path forward.

The alignment phase of the process at Opti-Num is driven by the desire to find a solution that is both practical, and properly aligned to the critical business need. Face to face engagements allow us to share the models, methods, results, and proposed solution based on the insights developed during investigation. Once there is alignment on the path forward, our team provides a formal proposal that outlines the scope of work, the timing, and the required resources to realise the solution.


The fourth step in the process is to realise and deliver the agreed solution.

Realisation of the solution can take many forms, be it through the delivery of a working model, decision-driving insights, or a fully developed product. Our team has assisted clients with a wide variety of solutions, including:

  •  An Executive KPI Dashboard
  • A Dynamic Pricing Algorithm
  • A Predictive Revenue Model
  • A Customer Behaviour Classification Model
  • A Customer Segmentation Models
  • A Financial Impact Forecast Report
  • An Opportunity Prioritisation Model
  • A Geolocated Sentiment Analysis
The final step in our approach is to analyse and report back on the solution impact.

Monitoring and reporting on the performance of the resulting interventions is critical for establishing the return on investment. Our final step is to analyse the solution impact in order to provide feedback that helps to prioritise next steps and begin the process of uncovering new opportunities for future enhancements.



Although no project is exactly the same, and every solution journey must be approached with flexibility and agility, our approach has been proven to provide a reliable path to unlocking insights and developing robust solutions for our clients.

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