Advanced Business Analytics

Business Analytics with MATLAB


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Advanced Business Analytics

   Enabling confident business decisions backed by scientific reasoning since 2008

Opti-Num Solutions has been using Advanced Business Analytics to support South African and international companies since 2008. 

Our Advanced Business Analytics team addresses real-world challenges by using practical data analytics and algorithm development techniques to add immediate value. Our long and ongoing relationships with key customers are testament to the value we continue to deliver. 

Our customers trust us to deliver high integrity outcomes with tangible value while continuously adapting to changing business requirements. Our engagement model enables us to critically analyse the results ourselves and provide insights back to the business and we can become operationally involved. The fusion of intuition and science results in the most effective decision-making platforms enabling you to make critical business decisions, confidently. 

Our success is rooted in walking the journey with our customers and actively listening to their needs. We are passionate about combining real-world business challenges with data analytics to produce business-centric insights.  

We have become specialists in providing Advanced Business Analytics Solutions due to our experience of working with our customers. This experience has revealed common challenges faced by our clients and we are developing analytic products which allow our clients to self-service their needs. 

​Our Advanced Business Analytics team is growing with those who specialise in applying AI, machine learning and solid traditional data analytics techniques to business challenges. We enjoy getting our hands dirty and collaborating with new customers to address their unique and interesting challenges. 

Talk to us about taking your business to the next level by fusing your intuition and our scientific knowledge and experience.