Accessing Equity Data using a MATLAB Web App

Timely and convenient access to data is crucial in the world of finance to enable rapid and informed decision-making.  To address this need, we have developed a web app in MATLAB that demonstrates how data access and custom analytics can be made accessible across an organisation. The app shows a very simplistic workflow that allows a user to monitor and analyse the general movement of various indices, but this can be modified to include technical analysis, modelling, portfolio optimisation or any other analytics that you’ve developed in MATLAB.

The basic features here include a date range selector which makes it easier to narrow down the data to a relevant time period. In addition, the indices may also be viewed according to different frequencies and different price measures depending on the user’s interest. The processed data can then be exported to an Excel spreadsheet for the user’s convenience.

Building this app in MATLAB made it easy to prototype and build the app, as it is all done in an interactive (drag and drop) screen. This allows us to package complex MATLAB analysis into an easy to use browser application, making it accessible to people across an organisation.

Meet the Developer

Verushen is a financial Application Engineer at Opti-Num Solutions. He is passionate about using statistical and probabilistic methods to unearth insights from data with the goal of benefitting society.  Verushen’s intrigue for technology and human biology led him to pursue a BEngSc in Biomedical Engineering and BScEng in Electrical Engineering from the University of the Witwatersrand. For his Honours project, Verushen co-developed an eye-tracking system which allowed a user to move and click a mouse cursor by moving their pupil.


What Can I Do Next?

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