About Us

At Opti-Num Solutions we work with our clients to identify their business problems and find workable solutions that empower them to make data-driven, evidence-based decisions. Our clients benefit from our can-do approach and deep, multi-sector expertise augmented with our modular MathWorks tools, which we use to build (or empower our clients to build) the software applications and simulations that solve the complex problems our clients face.​

Our customer engagements are driven by our core values.

Ownership & Proactivity

We take pride in the work we do for our customers and take responsibility for the results we achieve. We work proactively to identify where we can add the most value to your business, working hard to understand your constraints and work within those.

Integrity and Respect

We listen carefully, with empathy, to understand our customers and their needs. Our services and products address those needs directly, while respecting the time and budget constraints under which our customers operate. We ensure professional and ethical conduct in all our engagements.

Creativity and Innovation

We ensure that our customers benefit from our diversity and experience to find innovative solutions that uniquely suit their needs. We leverage our innovation and broad experience with all of our customers wherever possible.

Growth and Development

We are passionate about our customers’ success, and about adding value to our customers through every interaction. We develop your knowledge and capabilities as we do our own.

Collaboration and Communication

We partner with our customers, working with them not for them. Lasting relationships require open, constant communication and sharing.